Wedding Prelude with Professor Ping

Wedding Prelude

Setting the mood for your wedding ceremony, prelude music is often a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes that are light and cheerful.

Cocktail Hour with Professor Ping

Cocktail Hour

Fun, festive, but not in your face, cocktail hour is a time to celebrate, connect with family and friends, and get happy.

Dinner Music with Professor Ping

Dinner Music

Dinner Music should be laid back, meaningful, and at times emotional, allowing space for conversation as well as reflection.

First Dances

First Dances, like Slow Dances later in the evening, are a high point of the night and require special songs that stand out.

Dance Party with Professor Ping

Dancing Time

Wanna hear the latest bops mashed up with funk and disco classics?  Here’s my list of most popular dance tunes from awesome weddings this year.